Never Loved is an alternative rock group formed when long-term friends, Cameron Knopp (vocals, guitar) and Jay Gayoso (bass), took matters into their own hands and aimed to create music that spoke directly to people.

Never Loved is an alternative rock group

This past year has brought many exciting moments for the group – an increasing fanbase, a (now postponed) tour with Armor For Sleep and the addition of their last member, guitarist Shane O’Brien. While quarantine was not in the plan for this year, it did give Never Loved more time to work on new songs and really hone in their sound. The group paired with friend and producer, Matt Squire, to flesh out ideas and bring their songs to life.

If someone is interested in getting to know Never Loved, “Over It” is the track to listen to. Opening with an alarm clock and the lines “hey, I can’t get up / I’m stuck in my bed kind of wishing I was dead”, this track is all about dealing with life’s mundane rituals and simply being tired of carrying out responsibilities. Camm’s voice is unrestrained and passionate which coincides seamlessly with the chain vocals of the chorus.

This song makes you want to put your hands up and sing along to the shared feeling of, well, being over it.