Does AppleCare Cover Lost AirPods

Does AppleCare Cover Lost AirPods?

As an AirPods owner, I was disappointed when I realized my charging case was missing. After frantically searching everywhere, I had to accept the loss. My first thought was to check if my AppleCare+ plan would cover the cost of replacing my lost AirPods.

In this article, I’ll share what I learned about whether AppleCare+ covers lost or stolen AirPods. I’ll also provide an overview of AppleCare+ and the replacement options available through Apple.

Apple’s AirPods and AppleCare+

AirPods are Apple’s popular true wireless earbuds that provide a seamless audio experience. The standard AirPods connect via Bluetooth, while AirPods Pro add active noise cancellation.

AppleCare+ is an optional extended warranty program offered by Apple for their various devices and accessories. It provides coverage beyond the included one-year limited warranty.

One-Year Warranty and AppleCare+ for Extended Coverage

All Apple hardware purchases come with a one-year limited warranty. This covers defects and battery issues for one year from the original purchase date.

AppleCare+ extends the coverage period to two years from the purchase date. It also adds accidental damage protection not covered under the standard warranty.

AppleCare+ Coverage for AirPods

So what exactly does AppleCare+ cover for AirPods? Here are the details:

Coverage for Repairs and Replacements

AppleCare+ provides coverage for both repairs and full replacements of AirPods in case of defects or accidental damage.

Exception for Lost or Stolen AirPods

However, AppleCare+ does not cover AirPods that are lost or stolen. This is an important exception to note.

Applies to Standard AirPods and AirPods Pro Models

The limitation related to lost or stolen AirPods applies equally to both the standard AirPods and AirPods Pro models.

Charging Case is Also Not Covered

Additionally, the exception for lost or stolen AirPods also extends to the charging case. So if you lose your AirPods case, AppleCare+ will not cover it.

Replacement Options for Lost AirPods

Given AppleCare+ does not cover lost AirPods, what are the options for replacing lost earbuds or cases?

Aftercare Option to Purchase New AirPods

Apple does offer an aftercare option to purchase new AirPods or charging cases if yours are lost. However, you would need to cover the replacement cost.

Replacement Price for a Single Earbud

If you lose a single AirPod, here are the replacement costs for different models:

  • Standard AirPods: $69 for one earbud
  • AirPods Pro: $89 for one earbud

Clarification Needed for Left or Right AirPod Replacement

When placing the order for a single replacement earbud, you will need to specify whether you need the left or right AirPod.

Cost Comparison with Buying a New Pair

Buying an individual replacement AirPod is cheaper than purchasing a brand new set. For example, replacing two AirPods Pro earbuds at $89 each costs $178 total. A new AirPods Pro set retails for $249.

Replacement Options for Lost Charging Case

If it’s just your charging case that’s lost, you can purchase a replacement case separately:

  • First-gen and second-gen AirPods: $59 for the charging case
  • AirPods 3 Lightning case: $69
  • AirPods 3 MagSafe case: $79
  • Standard AirPods wireless charging case: $79
  • AirPods Pro wireless charging case or MagSafe case: $99

So replacing only the case is more affordable than buying completely new AirPods.

AppleCare+ for Headphones

You may be wondering whether it’s worth purchasing AppleCare+ for your AirPods if it doesn’t cover loss or theft. Here are some key details on the plan:

Duration and Cost of AppleCare+

AppleCare+ for AirPods, AirPods Pro or Beats headphones costs $29 for two years of coverage. For the over-ear AirPods Max, it costs $59 for two years.

Benefits of AppleCare+ for Headphones

Here are the main benefits AppleCare+ provides specifically for headphones:

  • 24/7 priority access to Apple Support.
  • Mail-in or carry-in repair options.
  • Express replacement service.
  • Unlimited accidental damage repairs during coverage period.
  • Battery replacement if capacity dips below 80%.
  • Coverage for software issues like Siri or Bluetooth problems.

Considerations for Purchasing AppleCare+

Should you invest in AppleCare+ for your AirPods? Here are some factors to consider:

Suitability for Clumsy or Extensive AirPods Users

AppleCare+ makes the most sense for users like me who are prone to dropping or losing their AirPods, or use them extensively daily. It covers any physical damage or battery issues that may arise.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Casual Users

More casual AirPods users who don’t rely on them daily or travel much with them may not find AppleCare+ worth the extra $29. Without accidents or heavy wear and tear, the included one-year warranty often suffices.

Apple’s Policy on Lost or Stolen AirPods

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that even with AppleCare+, lost or stolen AirPods will never be covered for replacement by Apple. You would need to purchase replacements yourself in such a situation.

So there you have it – a detailed overview explaining if AppleCare+ covers lost AirPods (it doesn’t!), the replacement costs, and factors to consider before buying coverage. I hope this info helps you make an informed decision as an AirPods owner. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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