YouTube Says You're Offline. Check Your Connection

YouTube Says You’re Offline. Check Your Connection? Here’s How to Fix It

Have you ever tried to watch videos on YouTube, only to be greeted with the message – “You’re offline. Check your connection”? As someone who regularly uses YouTube, seeing this error can be pretty frustrating. A spotty internet connection is usually the culprit behind YouTube displaying the “You’re offline” notice. However, there could also be other reasons why YouTube is convinced you’re not online, even when you are.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the various solutions I’ve used to get YouTube working again when it insists I’m offline. By troubleshooting your internet connectivity, web browser, and YouTube account settings, you can likely resolve the annoying “You’re offline. Check your connection” error on YouTube.

Reasons Why YouTube Displays “You’re Offline. Check Your Connection” Error

When YouTube is unable to load content and displays the offline error message, there are a few likely reasons behind it:

YouTube Thinks Your Device Isn’t Connected to the Internet

The most common trigger for the YouTube “You’re offline” notice is that the site is having trouble loading content properly. This could be due to a weak internet connection. When YouTube is unable to load videos smoothly due to connectivity issues, it assumes you’re offline and shows the error prompt to check your connection.

Faulty Internet Connection

An unreliable internet connection is typically the main culprit behind YouTube displaying the offline error. This could include problems like weak Wi-Fi signals, ISP network outages, modem or router issues, and more. Essentially, any interference in your ability to connect to the internet can make YouTube think you’re offline.

Other Possible Reasons

Besides internet connectivity problems, other potential reasons for the YouTube “You’re offline” error include technical issues on YouTube’s end, problems with your web browser, VPN connections, DNS server settings, and more. Later in this article, I’ll go through solutions that address each of these possible causes.

Solutions to Fix YouTube’s “You’re Offline. Check Your Connection” Error

Whenever I face the annoying “You’re offline. Check your connection” notice on YouTube, I systematically work through the following fixes to get YouTube working again:

Check Your Internet Connection

Since internet connectivity issues are the most common reason behind YouTube displaying the offline error, it makes sense to start by troubleshooting your internet connection.

To verify your connection status:

1. Open any web browser and try to access another website: If you’re able to load other sites without problems, then your internet connection is likely fine. However, if other sites are also struggling to load, then there are some internet connectivity issues on your end that need fixing.

2. Troubleshoot internet problems: Try steps like rebooting your router, reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network, contacting your ISP if the problem persists across multiple devices, etc. Taking these basic steps can help stabilize your internet connection.

Check if YouTube is Down

Sometimes the problem lies with YouTube’s servers. Before you spend time troubleshooting your computer or internet connection, check whether YouTube itself is experiencing any issues.

1. Visit Downdetector and check YouTube’s status page: Downdetector tracks various web services and user-reported issues. Head to YouTube’s page on the site to see if others are having problems accessing the video platform.

2. If Downdetector shows YouTube is down, wait for them to resolve it: If the Downdetector page indicates YouTube is facing issues, there’s not much you can do except wait patiently for YouTube to fix it on their end.

Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions, especially VPNs and ad blockers, can sometimes interfere with YouTube and trigger the “You’re offline” error message.

1. Disable all extensions: Temporarily turn off all extensions in your Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari browser.

2. Re-enable extensions one by one: Doing this will help you identify if any particular extension is responsible for the problem. Launch YouTube after enabling each extension to check if the site loads without issue.

3. Remove any problem extension: If disabling a specific extension fixes the problem, it’s best to remove the problematic add-on completely from your browser.

Turn Off Your VPN Connection

If you access YouTube through a VPN connection, switching it off may resolve the offline error.

1. Disable your VPN app or browser extension. Turn off the VPN on your device.

2. Change location or switch VPN services: If turning off VPN fixes YouTube, try changing your virtual location through the VPN app or switching to another VPN service altogether.

Use Alternative DNS Servers

Your computer’s DNS server settings could also be the culprit. Switching to alternative DNS servers might fix YouTube if your current ones are causing problems.

1. Change DNS server on Windows or Mac: On Windows 11, Windows 10 or macOS, you can configure alternate public DNS servers like Google ( or Cloudflare (

2. Test if YouTube works: After changing the DNS servers, check if you’re now able to access YouTube without the offline error.

Sign Out and Back Into YouTube

Signing out and then signing back into your YouTube account can also potentially resolve quirky connectivity issues.

1. Log out of your YouTube account: On YouTube, click your profile picture in the top right and select “Sign Out”. Confirm signing out.

2. Sign in again with your credentials: Use your username and password to sign back into your YouTube account.

Disable IPv6 on Your Computer

As an advanced troubleshooting step on Windows or Mac, you can try disabling IPv6 on your network adapter. This can resolve connectivity issues caused by IPv6 problems.

On Windows: Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings. Right-click your network adapter, select Properties > uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) > OK.

On Mac: Go to System Preferences > Network. Select your network on the left sidebar and click Advanced > TCP/IP tab > Configure IPv6 drop-down > select Off or Link-Local Only.

After making any of the above changes, try accessing YouTube again to see if the “You’re offline” error has been resolved.


Dealing with YouTube insisting you’re offline when you know your internet is working can be frustrating. However, methodically trying the solutions outlined in this article should help you get YouTube back up and running in no time.

Start by checking your internet connectivity and YouTube’s status. Then move on to troubleshooting browser extensions, VPN, DNS settings, clearing cookies, disabling IPv6, and other steps. With a bit of trial-and-error, you should be able to narrow down the specific issue and fix the annoying “You’re offline. Check your connection” error on YouTube.

Now get back to enjoying searching for and watching your favorite videos on YouTube without interruption! Let me know in the comments if any of these fixes worked for you or if you discovered another solution.

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